Engineered Affodability


A message from the Builders…


At Beacon Builders we have systematically evaluated all of our house plans to ensure that we can deliver the best value, per square foot, to our homeowners. We analytically review all of the building components to reduce the amount of waste produced during the construction of your family’s new home. Examples of this would be re-sizing bedrooms to match carpet widths, adjusting roof pitches to accommodate common lumber lengths, and orienting the spans of floor joists to best facilitate an efficient layout of the central heating and air conditioning system.  Engineered affordability also means that your new home has undergone independent third party testing to ensure that it EXCEEDS government mandated energy ratings. This means that not only are we making your new home more affordable right now, we are ensuring that it will continue to deliver value to you and your family, month after month, for years to come.


Engineered Affordability means we’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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