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Everyone Can Own Their Own Home… The Question is WHEN. 

Make 2017 the Year You Accomplish Your Goal of Home Ownership.

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2 thoughts on “The Credit Lady

  1. Jarad B. Brown

    I have known and worked with The Credit Lady for many years. My clients appreciate the hard work and attention to detail Ms. Hammock provides them as they are pursuing their dream of homeownership. All lending revolves around credit and having a strong score is just as important as having a good income. As rates continue to rise, your “buying power” rests mainly with your credit score. So whether you’re struggling to qualify or looking for the next pricing tier I suggest you take a second to talk it over with the Lady who does credit for a living.

  2. Krysta Hankle

    Pam is by far the BEST at what she does! Straight forward, to the point and makes things happen! She gives you a 100% of herself and then some.

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